ERDF handles many important daily operations, such as connection to the grid, commissioning, repair, and changing suppliers. As manager of the public electricity distribution network, ERDF performs many operations every year. These totalled over 11 million in 2011. The nature of services depends on whether the customer is a consumer, electricity supplier or electricity producer.

Services for consumers and suppliers

At the request of its customers or suppliers, ERDF provides a certain number of services.

Connection. ERDF handles the physical connection of a facility or site to the distribution network under technical and financial conditions set by regulations and contracts. The connection service includes:

  • extension of the grid, if needed,
  • building of the connection line for the facility.


Commissioning. After completing a connection project, ERDF ensures commissioning of the facility’s power installations at the request of the electricity supplier chosen by the customer.

Repair. ERDF handles repairs on the network at all times. A dedicated hotline is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Meter reading . ERDF handles meter readings as well as the inspection, maintenance and replacement of meter materials.

Change of supplier . Every customer is free to choose their electricity supplier. The process is handled by the new supplier, who then contacts ERDF.

Contract termination. ERDF ceases the provision of electricity to customers who terminate their contracts, whether for a change of residence or at the request of the electricity supplier.

Additional services. ERDF performs additional services, such as changing meter options due to contract changes (change in power...), verifying meter readings and protective equipment, or moving materials and installations.

Services intended for electricity producers

ERDF provides connection and meter reading services for energy producers.