Building local support

In its role as a subcontracted operator of public electricity distribution networks, ERDF is involved in projects on a local level. The company supports the development of local areas in a variety of ways, such as through projects for urban renovation and to reduce the digital divide, involvement in local organisations, and prevention of electrification accidents.

Guidance in urban renovation programmes

ERDF assists with many projects piloted by the French national urban renovation programme (PNRU). The company is involved as much on the technical and customer aspects as the social and environmental. This type of service is usually in the form of a signed agreement with the appropriate local community.

The objectives for the national urban renovation programme (PNRU)

Launched in 2003, this 10-year programme involves 750 high-density housing and underprivileged urban areas. Its objectives in figures:

  • Construction of 200,000 government-subsidy rental homes
  • Renovation of 200,000 other social housing units
  • Demolition of 200,000 uninhabitable dwellings

Involvement with local authorities

ERDF partners with local organisations to facilitate connections between different public and private groups and individuals. These include public service intermediaries, information and mediation multiservice points (PIMMS), and individual service centres. These bodies bring together local and government authorities and companies who serve the general public interest. They effectively form a one-stop help desk for individuals encountering difficulties with any of these parties.

Reducing the digital divide

The third party safety policy focuses on prevention programmes to reduce accidents related to electricity. These programmes include enhancing the monitoring and maintenance of distribution installations, raising awareness of professionals who work in areas with overhead or underground power lines, and providing information to the general public.

Participation in public safety operations

The needs and expectations of officials and populations following natural or industrial disasters are increasing.

As an electricity distribution network operator, ERDF has a major role to play in this area, demonstrated by its participation in the Orsec plan, the French emergency plan in case of disaster. In this regard, the company works with public safety and protection organisations. Through this involvement, ERDF can quickly re-establish the network and provide aid to populations in case of natural or industrial disasters.