Environmental commitments

Climate change is the overarching environmental challenge for the coming decades. As an industry player on the electricity market, Enedis is directly involved with this issue. The company must both reduce its carbon footprint and help its customers to reduce theirs. Enedis constantly innovates to increase energy efficiency on the network and better manage electricity consumption. It also aids the development of renewable energies by facilitating their connection to the network.

Managing energy demand

There are 2 main challenges related to managing energy demand: improving consumption by addressing individual and collective behaviour, and reducing loss by using high-performance equipment. The objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which have a major impact on global warming. Enedis also works on improving the network’s energy efficiency and developing technologies that enable its customers to better manage their electricity consumption.

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Renewable energies

Renewable energies are one of the main levers in the fight against climate change. More and more energy production installations are using renewable energy. Enedis encourages their development by facilitating the connection of these installations to the network.

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Respecting the environment

Enedis manages the network’s power lines, which interconnect the whole of mainland France. This presents a significant environmental challenge. Enedis's objective is to ensure they are well integrated into the landscape to limit their impact on wildlife. Similarly, it acts to reduce and process the waste its activities generate.

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The European Union climate and energy package

In December 2008, government leaders from the 27 European Union countries adopted a climate and energy package. This collection of directives and regulations sets ambitious objectives to achieve by 2020:

  • Increase energy efficiency by 20%
  • Produce 20% of consumable energy from renewable energy sources
  • Reduce greenhouse gases by 20%