Flexgrid – Southern France

What is the ambition of Flexgrid?

With Flexgrid, the ambition of the Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) is to set up the first smart grid territory in Europe. Flexgrid gathers all the local resources engaged towards energy transition. It is a concentration of more than 150 millions euros of public and private investments.

Flexgrid counts more than 60 projets which are launched to solve energy challenges in this territory and to put in place smart grids.

Renewable energy production increases a lot in PACA, espacially solar production. Charging stations for electric mobility expand at a rapid pace.


"With Flexgrid, winner of the Call 'Réseaux Electriques Intelligents', the Région PACA becomes the first large scale smart grids territory. This is a success, and it reflects our capability for innovation. It strenghtens my determination to make PACA the first smart grids area in Europe. As an example, Nice was ranked 4th smart city in the world. I want PACA to be the showcase of our industrial  excellence.", said Christian Estrosi, President of Nice City.

What do we do in Flexgrid?

To support energy transition, we invest 20 millions of euros in Flexgrid to deploy smart grids solutions between 2017 and 2020. These solutions help us to improve electricity supply, connect more renewable production to the grid and design services for our clients. As an example :

  • 42 primary substations will be modernized with communicating captors to avoid serious damages and enhance capacity to connect renewable production sites to the grid.
  • 500 MV/LV substations will be digitalized to improve quality of electricity supply, even during periods of surplus of renewable production.


In addition, Linky smart meter deployment helps to perform remote diagnosis of the low voltage network and efficient intervention in case of damage.

Smart solutions are deployed on the entire distribution grid:

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We also collaborate to Flexgrid projects with our smart services:

  • We help the Région PACA to improve their data platform
  • We help local communities for their self-consumption projects on the basis of smart meter Linky
  • We support charging stations deployment for electric mobility, for "smart charging" and "smart mobility".