The industrial roll-out of smart grids

The roll-out of smart-grids has started and is accelerating. It enables to deliver quickly solutions, in a localized approach in order to maximize their value.

Our outlook and our roadmap for 2020

Enedis has started the roll-out of smart grid and planned the implementation of smart solutions up to 2020.

This roll-out addresses two major challenges:



This deployment comes on top of “Linky” smart meters roll-out, started in December 2015.

3.0 Operator
Advanced network operations
Linky-based LV operations
Connected objects
Smart MV/LV substation

Enedis is modernising network infrastructures at every level to improve its efficiency

Primary substations are gradually digitalised and HV/MV transformers monitored to follow their state continuously and anticipate failures.

MV/LV transformers are equipped with telecommunication systems and electric or environmental sensors to enhance grid observation capabilities.

New functions are developed to deal with grid faults:

  • On the LV network, functions based on Linky smart meter system to improve detection and diagnosis,
  • On the MV network, with dynamic self-healing functions for network operations.
Innovative Grid Connection Solutions
Smart Network Planning Tools
Operational Planning
Network Automation Functions

Enedis is assisting actors of the electric power system and territories in the energy transition

To do so, Enedis is implementing innovative solutions:

  • More efficient network planning tools,
  • Tools to facilitate grid connections for LV grid users, especially with TeR@ web-portal,
  • Operational planning of work programmes and network operations to prevent constraints on the MV network.


To go further, Enedis is rolling-out targeted solutions, based on regional needs:

  • New grid connections offers for MV producers: a local voltage regulation law and connection offers with power modulation,
  • Dynamic and centralised control of MV voltage.


Those technical smart solutions will serve as a basis for new offers to clients and local authorities.


Several functions have been evaluated through a techno-economic analysis, within the framework of the Economic Valuation of Smart Grid.