Linky, the communicating meter

Linky is not just an electricity meter. As well as providing accurate meter readings, it can perform remote operations, such as measuring the consumption and production of electricity, or resolving accidental outages. Linky also helps to control electricity consumption.

Today's electric meters are mostly electromechanical meters. They measure consumption and require a technician if a change in power or an outage occurs.

Linky is a communicating meter, which means that it can receive and send data without the need for the physical presence of a technician. Installed in end-consumer’s properties and linked to a supervision centre, it is in constant interaction with the network. This is what makes it "intelligent".

How does it work?

The Linky meter is able to receive orders and transmit information remotely. To do this, it communicates to a hub, a kind of mini-computer installed inside transformation substations managed by Enedis. The hub is linked to the Enedis supervision centre.

The advantages of Linky

Linky has been designed as an "infrastructure" that should benefit every user on the electricity network.

End-consumers will:

  • have easy access to information about their actual consumption, and be able to manage it better,
  • receive bills based on their actual consumption.

Electricity suppliers will:

  • be able to determine the length of their billing periods, based on actual consumption,
  • be able to diversify their price offering and adapt it more closely to their customers' needs.


Electricity producers will:

  • have better visibility on periods when they have produced electricity,
  • be able to use simplified electrical equipment, given that Linky allows the metering of both their production and their consumption


Network managers will:

  • follow up electricity supply quality in real time,
  • reduce intervention time during outages,
  • carry out remote operations (connections, power adjustments, etc.),
  • develop services to allow sustainable use of electricity for all people in France.


Local authorities will:

  • have better visibility about the network reinforcement work to be carried out,
  • be informed about the quality of supply.


These benefits will be implemented gradually, enabling information systems, commercial offers and market regulations to be adapted to Linky accordingly.

Linky in its pilot programme

In 2010, over 250,000 Linky meters were installed by Enedis in:

  • rural areas (Indre-et-Loire),
  • urban areas (in the greater Lyons area).