Lyon Smart Community

A project experiment with the contribution of smart grids to manage electric vehicles, smart buildings and solar energy


Total budget:

  • €50 Million, including €1.2 Million funded by Enedis


In December 2012, Grand Lyon and Nedo, the Japanese innovation support agency, made an initial assessment of the joint venture they formed one year ago to equip the Confluence district of Lyon with a demonstrator, unique in Europe, “Smart Community”. Nedo had identified Grand Lyon and the Confluence site as an ideal experimental area in Europe to implement a “Smart Community” demonstrator. It is Lyon Smart Community’s ambition make Lyon Confluence “the” exemplary district as regards energy efficiency. The project includes several stages, in particular the implementation of a fleet of electric vehicles in car-sharing,
a part of the project in which Enedis is fully involved.


  • Information provided to customers
  • Demand management / peak shaving
  • Installation of innovative equipment (observation, control)
  • Gestion of ev charging station
  • Big data management
  • Communication systems and protocols


Key stages