Managing energy demand

As a key player on the electricity market, ERDF plays a role in managing energy demand. To do this successfully, it responds to 2 challenges: improving the network's energy performance and managing customers’ electricity consumption. Linky, the new communicating meter, should facilitate real advances in this domain.

Improving energy performance on the electricity network

ERDF is committed to a wide-ranging programme aimed at reducing network energy loss. The company has installed low-loss transformers with greater energy efficiency than that of traditional materials. In 2010, ERDF acquired 14,700 low-loss transformers, creating a reduction of 37 GWh in electricity losses, which is the equivalent to the annuel consumption of a town of 5,000 inhabitants.

Linky: better management of electricity consumption

ERDF has developed a new generation electricity meter called Linky. This communicating computer was tested in Lyon and the Tours region, France. ERDF customers will be able to use Linky to monitor electricity consumption, and thereby manage it better. If the pilot plan is brought into general use, this intelligent tool should help the French population to modify its energy consumption habits.

Lowering consumption (in buildings and cars)

ERDF has initiated a carbon footprint report that details its current activities in order to identify the most efficient ways to reduce carbon emissions. In order to reduce greenhouse gases produced from business trips and commuting, each region has launched themed efforts such as carpooling, promoting video conferencing, using electric bicycles, encouraging public transportation for client meetings, and sending documents to clients via e-mail. Saving energy in buildings is the subject of long-term company action plan.