Pilotes Linky

A project experiment with the deployment of 300,000 meters and the operation of the smart metering system


Number of customers concerned:

  • 300,000 "residential customers"


The "Commission de régulation de l’énergie" (CRE - French Energy Regulator) has entrusted Enedis with the task of implementing a large-scale experiment on an advanced power metering system. The Linky smart meter project has been successfully implemented in Indre-et-Loire and in Lyon with nearly 300,000 customers. Conducted under real-life condition, the objective of the pilot was to check the meter installation process, confirm the cost of the operation, and develop and test the entire information system. The experiment has been approved by the public authorities and the regulator, further to which the Prime Minister confirmed the mass rollout of the Linky meter on 9 July 2013.


  • Installation of innovative equipment (observation, control)
  • Big data management
  • Communication systems and protocols


Key stages