Public service duties

In France, the distribution of electricity is a public service that falls under the responsibility of local authorities. The distribution network belongs to these municipalities, who subcontract to Enedis within the framework of a public service delegation. Through this delegation, Enedis fulfils the public service duties related to electricity distribution.

Service continuity and quality

Enedis ensures the smooth operation of a 1,3 million km electricity network. The company has thus committed to a 10-year investment plan for modernising and securing its facilities, notably against extreme weather conditions. Enedis also oversees the development of the network in conjunction with local authorities.

Enedis is responsible for ensuring the continuity of the public electricity distribution service. To keep the quality of its supply at a high level, the company continuously makes new investments. These make it possible to develop, modernise, automate and secure power lines, notably against extreme weather conditions.

Delegated network management

In France, the public electricity distribution network belongs to local authorities (French municipalities or groups of municipalities), who subcontract to Enedis as an operator through a public service delegation contract . The delegation contracts state that in exchange for the right to operate the network, Enedis must maintain and develop its infrastructure.

Performance and quality of the electricity network

Service continuity and quality primarily depend on the electricity network’s performance. For this reason, Enedis is committed to renewing and developing the network.

In 2011, System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) for low-voltage customers was 73 minutes.

Modernising the network

Even though the network offers satisfactory performance, it will still grow old and disparities in regional service occur. The vulnerability of the overhead network has been demonstrated during several major weather events. For this reason, Enedis is pursuing the plan to modernise and secure infrastructures, which was launched in 2006.

To reach its goals, the company is committed to increasing the percentage of investments intended for the network.

These investments are mainly intended for:

  • laying new power lines,
  • reinforcing fragile sections of the network,
  • automating the network,
  • trimming and removing trees located near power lines,
  • implementing the extreme weather plan,
  • maintaining and developing the rapid intervention force for the electricity network (Fire in French).

Non-discriminatory access to the distribution network

As manager of the public electricity distribution network, Enedis guarantees all users non-discriminatory and transparent access to the network. These commitments are outlined in the code of conduct.

Enedis must guarantee all of its customers - regardless of their supplier - non-discriminatory access to the public distribution network, as well as the confidentiality of commercially sensitive information in its possession. This requirement falls within the context of opening the electricity market to competition.

The code of conduct

n compliance with the law (article L. 111-61 of the French energy code), the company has developed a code of conduct. This code elaborates the principles and commitments established by the company in order to prevent any discriminatory behaviour

Six principles form the basis of Enedis’s daily practices:

  • equality of treatment,
  • objectivity,
  • transparency,
  • data protection for commercially sensitive information,
  • autonomy management
  • image distinction.

Enedis has a Compliance Officer who is responsible for ensuring that the code of conduct is followed.

Each year, this officer writes a report on the application of the code of conduct. The report is presented to the Commission de régulation de l'énergie (CRE), the French regulatory authority for energy. Based on this report, the CRE assesses whether the code of conduct has been respected, as well as the independence of the electricity network manager.

Enedis is also committed to: