Security of the electricity network

Whether overhead or underground, network lines may present risks to people or goods. It is therefore necessary to respect strict security regulations in areas surrounding electrical installations.

Security : a priority for Enedis

The security of lines and facilities is a priority for Enedis, requiring adherence to strict regulations. As such, Enedis :

  • carries out regular testing on its sites and the necessary actions to ensure their safety,
  • works with you to minimise risks related to the electrical network if you are carrying out maintenance work,
  • explains the necessary precautions when in the immediate vicinity of the network.

Do overhead power lines cross your plot of land in an area where you intend to build or extend your home? Inform Enedis about your intended work. The company will then review how your plans can be implemented, taking the existing electrical works into consideration. If your plans are not compatible with the networks, Enedis will explain the possible modifications that may be implemented.

Before beginning work near electricity installations, please check that you are not putting yourself or the electricity installations in danger. You must send an information request and/or a declaration of intention to begin renovation or building. To this end, Enedis and 6 network operators have created Protys.

To guarantee the safety of people and good working order of power lines, regulations specify the minimum distance between vegetation on private property and electricity installations.

Is the electricity installation located on public property?

It is your responsibility to prune all vegetation on your property so that it does not encroach upon public land.

Is the electricity installation located on your property?

  • You must ensure that the growth of vegetation located under an overhead line will not compromise the respect for regulated safety distances..
  • Do not carry out any planting or cultivate any vegetation that may be detrimental to the establishment, maintenance, operation and reliability of electricity installations.
  • Provide Enedis access to your property, so that the company can carry out the necessary trimming or removal of your vegetation if required.

Approaching an electrical facility, even without touching it, may be dangerous if you do not keep a safe distance or follow the recommended guidelines.

Overhead lines

  • Do not climb onto electricity poles
  • If you are fishing, ensure that the line of your fishing rod does not touch a cable, when you cast off.
  • If you are flying a kite, make sure that it does not touch any cable.
  • Verify distances before moving a very long object (lifting device, ladder, metal girder, pipe, scaffolding, boat mast, etc.) under an electricity line.

Distribution substations

Touching or approaching a damaged electricity facility is extremely dangerous. For example, a power line that has accidentally fallen to the ground may still be live. Any contact with the line would be fatal. If you come across a damaged electricity facility, keep a safe distance and contact the Enedis repair service and the fire service.