Stakeholders and responsibilities

Enedis's duty is to manage the bulk of the existing public distribution network in France. It is a subcontracted operator. The network belongs to local authorities, i.e., French municipalities or groups of municipalities.

Sharing responsibility for the public electricity distribution network

Since the beginning of electrification in the mid-19th century, the French electricity distribution network has been managed in the form of a concession. The municipalities or groups of network owners have entrusted its operation, maintenance and development to Enedis. This delegation was legalised through a concession agreement.

Enedis is responsible for 2 major public service duties associated with electricity distribution:

In order to perform these public duties, Enedis carries out the tasks set by law in the concession’s contract specifications.

  • Define and implement the investment and development policies of the distribution networks.
  • Design and build the distribution network as well as supervise work carried out on the networks, annually informing licensing distribution authorities about the work done.
  • Conclude and manage concession agreements
  • Guarantee, in objective, transparent and non-discriminatory conditions, access to these networks.
  • Provide network users with the information necessary for efficient access to the network, with the exception of information that is protected by law or regulations.
  • Undertake operations and maintenance on these networks.
  • Take responsibility for data management and all duties pertaining to these activities.

Enedis and local authorities: a contractual relationship

Enedis and local authorities work together to decide the conditions of the concession’s contract. Every year, Enedis provides transparent reports on its business to the local authorities. The company also provides each authority with a concession activity report (CRAC) [WA: link to the CRAC page]. This document outlines the events that occurred during the year, as well as the property and financial information regarding electricity distribution.

In figures

Today Enedis manages over 730 concession contracts, which is 95% of the network inside mainland France.

Partnerships and proximity

In addition to its role as a subcontractor, Enedis develops partnerships with and works alongside local authorities to help them to achieve their goals. Indeed, the electricity network plays an essential role in Town and Country planning, whether in terms of responding to intercommunity development or protecting the environment, for example.

Enedis has created 88 posts for local directors and 1,000 posts for specialised mediators. This local organisation enables a close relationship with elected officials and representatives from licensing authorities.