A project experiment with the potential of smart grids for the integration of large wind energy capacities in a rural network

Number of customers concerned:

  • 3,000


Total budget:

  • €23.8 Million including €11.6 million funded by Enedis


Wind generation sites:

  • 1 site of 6 MW and 1 site of 12 MW


VENTEEA project is located in the Aube department, which has the highest number of medium and high power wind turbines in France. It is studying how to adapt the power distribution network to the generation of renewable energies, and more precisely wind power. The project whose implementation is based on the wind farm in Vendeuvre-sur-Barse, was initiated by Enedis with eight industrial partners.


  • Installation of innovative equipment (observation, control)
  • Power demand and generation forecasting models and tools
  • Advanced functions for managing the grid (status estimation, voltage regulation, self-healing, demand / production balance, active management of distributed resources...)
  • Electricity storage solutions (batteries, electric vehicle)


Key stages

Increasing the hosting capacity of renewable energy with a dynamic voltage control

  • Pre-industrial implementation of a digital control/command solution at the primary substation
  • Local voltage control which modulates the absorption/injection of reactive power of the generation
  • Centralized voltage control which enables dynamic voltage control based on the real time state estimation of the network
  • Tests of dynamic voltage control at the MV/LV substation level

Optimizing the use of battery storage by a multi-actor/multi-service approach

  • About 30 services identified for the production, distribution, transmission and consumption
  • Positive results in the experiment of 12 services tested in a dedicated feeder and a non dedicated feeder (frequency control, load smoothing and voltage control for the DSO, generation curtailment for the producer,…)
  • Multi-actor/multi-service experimentation with an availability of 94% during the 304 days of testing, up to 4 full charge-discharge cycles per day , an energy efficiency of 85% for some services

Storage system