Corporate governance

Enedis is a French company organised as a public limited company with a board of directors and a supervisory board. The members of these boards are listed below.

The Board of Directors

The board of directors carries out the general management of the company.
It is chaired by Philippe Monloubou.

The Supervisory Board

The supervisory board permanently monitors the management of the company by the board of directors. It consists of 14 members :

Members designated by the general meeting of shareholders

  • Christian Nadal, Chairman of the Enedis supervisory board,
  • Marc Espalieu,  Shareholder representative,
  • Marianne Laigneau,  Group Senior Executive Vice President - Human Resources,
  • Bernard Salha, Director Group - Research and Development,
  • Pierre TODOROV, Shareholder representative,
  • Marianne LAIGNEAU, Shareholder representative,
  • Philippe TORRION, Shareholder representative,
  • Xavier GIRRE, Shareholder representative,
  • Alexis ZAJDENWEBER, Representative state,
  • Xavier PINTAT, Representative AODE (french autority for electricity distribution).


  • Jean-Luc HOURDILLE, Shareholder employee,
  • Brigitte GAJAN, Shareholder employee,
  • Luc BOURDUGE, Shareholder employee,
  • Sophie PORTE, Shareholder employee,
  • Hervé QUATRELIVRE, Shareholder employee.