Smartgrid or the intelligent network

Smartgrid is the name generally used for tomorrow's network. This intelligent network will be able to transmit data and allow remote operations. Furthermore, in addition to electricity transmission, Smartgrid also will enable the storage of electricity.

Smartgrid: Enedis's answer to society's new expectations

A massive increase in decentralised production, the necessity to manage the existing network as efficiently as possible, and the need to save energy are all driving Enedis to prepare the network of the future.

Smartgrid: the communicating network

Allowing data exchange in real time on the electricity network is the principal objective of Smartgrid. Specifically, the intelligent network will enable:

  • optimisation of the infrastructure and use of the network,
  • reduction of peaks in consumption on the network and therefore an increase in energy efficiency.

The Linky project is the primary stage in the construction of this intelligent network.

In 2010, over 250,000 Linky meters were installed by Enedis (ex-ERDF) in Indre-et-Loire and the greater Lyons area as part of a pilot programme.

Smart Grids, the necessary transformation of the electricity network