New connection

You are getting your house built? You will soon require it to be connected to electricity. For this purpose, the internal electrical installation of your house must be connected to the public electricity distribution grid. Enedis will tell you everything you need to know about contact information, cost, time, etc. in order to prepare for your connection and guide you in its execution.


Preparing for my connection

You would like to connect your house to the electricity grid? Contact persons, costs, time, responsibilities, processes, etc.? Enedis is at your disposal to answer all your questions.

Who should I contact?

You have 2 options:

A noter

À noter

If your house is located in an area that is not served by Enedis but by a local distribution company, then this company will be responsible for your connection. In order to check the option applicable to you, use the search module given on the site

Who does what?

Enedis is in charge of everything related to the grid (connection and any extension of the public distribution grid). Works on your internal electrical installation and works to be done on your property, such as laying a sleeve in a trench to pass the electrical connecting cable, are your responsibility and will be carried out at your expense. You must get the electrical works carried out by an electrical contractor, in accordance with NF C15-100 standards.

What will I pay?

On receiving a connection request, Enedis usually prepares 2 connection offers.

  • One of them is sent to you. It indicates the amount that you will be required to contribute for getting the connection works executed. These works will help in connecting your electrical installation to the public grid, either existing or to be created.

  • The other is sent to the municipality that has to issue the town planning permit for your project. It specifies the contribution amount that must be paid by the municipality for executing the grid extension or upgrade works that may be required for your connection. According to its town planning policy, your municipality can ask you to pay all or part of its share. This amount is billed back to you at the time of issuing the town planning permit for your project.

Under all circumstances, the works to be done on your plot of land, such as laying a sleeve in a trench to pass the electrical connecting cable, are your responsibility and will be carried out at your expense.

A noter

À noter

Prices indicated on the Enedis estimates amount to 60% of the actual cost of connection because 40% of this cost is covered by TURPE (Rate for Using the Public Electricity Grids) paid by all users of the grid.

How much time would it take?

If it is a simple connection, i.e. a connection between the internal wiring of a building and the public electricity distribution grid, it takes about 2 months. This period comes into effect on the acceptance date of the connection proposal and payment of the advance.

If your house connection requires extension works of the public distribution grid (elongation or upgrade), this period may extend to 6 months.

Making my request for connection

I am preparing my connection file that should contain:

  • Copy of the town planning permit of your building (generally the building permit) and its number. This document is issued by the municipality and states your share in the costs of the extension works related to your connection and borne by the municipality.

  • The location plan of your plot (usually an extract from the land registry).

  • The site plan, which describes the development project of your land, prepared by your project manager or your architect, in terms of access to public roads and connections to the networks.

  • One or more photos of your project, especially the electrical works present before construction or on the plot.

  • The connected load desired.

  • Your undertaking to take responsibility for the works required on your property (especially digging a trench for passing Enedis's connecting cable).


You would like to make a power connection request for less than or equal to 36kVA » click here

For more information about the Procedure for handling individual LV requests for connection to the public distribution grid managed by Enedis for power less than or equal to 36 kVA (version V1 applicable from 01/01/2011 to 11/02/2014)


Connected load

Connected load is the maximum power to which you can subscribe with your supplier. There are two loads commonly used: 12 kVA single-phase and 36 kVA three-phase.
The connected load determines the cost of your connection. However, please do not underestimate this load to avoid having to later finance a change in your connection.
In order to select your connected load, please contact your electricity supplier, your electrical contractor, your design office, your architect, your personal house builder or your project manager.

I have received the connection offer from Enedis

Enedis has sent me the connection offer

On receiving your duly completed file, Enedis conducts a technical review and sends you a connection offer within 10 working days. If grid extension works are necessary, then this may take up to 6 weeks.


The offer includes:

  • the description of the connection works executed by Enedis along with the estimate,

  • the provisional timetable for execution of the works,

  • the contact details of the Enedis advisor who will oversee the progress of works of your connection,

  • the description of the works that are your responsibility.

For more information: template of the connection offer without extension and with extension.


I send my answer

The Enedis connection offer is valid for 3 months. You must return it signed and along with payment of the advance, so that the works may be executed in line with the stated timetable.

A noter

À noter

You can pay this advance by bank card if this mode of payment is mentioned in the connection offer that you received by post.

Connection and commissioning works

I am getting the connection works executed by Enedis

The connection box is installed at the boundary between your plot and the public area. Depending on the distance between this box and your home, Enedis will make a type-1 or type-2 connection.

Instructions for your connection to the electricity grid (PDF - 1.1 Mb)

If necessary, Enedis will carry out the extension works of the electricity grid

This grid may need to be extended in order to connect it to your home. Works related to this operation are carried out by Enedis.

I am preparing for the commissioning

Do not wait the end of the connection works to take steps for the commissioning of your electrical installation.

Three conditions have to be fulfilled:

  • pay the balance of your contribution to Enedis towards the connection works

  • submit to Enedis the certificate of conformity of your internal electrical installation, signed by CONSUEL (National Committee for Safety of the Electricity Users)

  • select an electricity supplier and inform it of the date on which your connection will be completed, the date on which you would like to have electricity supply.

A noter

À noter

Please note

You can pay the balance of your bill by bank card if this mode of payment is mentioned in the connection offer that you received by post.

I obtain the certificate of conformity of my internal electrical installation

In order to apply for the commissioning of your installation, you must have a certificate of conformity of your internal electrical installation (NF C15-100 standards). This document is prepared by your electrical contractor, who gets it signed by the National Committee for the Safety of Electricity Users (CONSUEL).


I select my electricity supplier

Since 1st July 2007, you can select your electricity supplier.
Once the contract is signed, your supplier is your preferred contact for all inquiries concerning your electricity, especially for commissioning your electrical installation.


My electricity supplier asks Enedis to commission my electrical installation

So that your supplier can ask Enedis to commission your electrical installation, you must:

  • inform your delivery point number that Enedis sent to you by post,

  • determine along with it the connected load to which you wish to subscribe,

  • indicate the desired date of commissioning,

  • have paid the balance amount for the connection works to Enedis.


Please note : you can pay this advance by bank card if this mode of payment is mentioned in the connection offer that you received by post.


To access on-line payment, click here.


Appointment for commissioning

For commissioning, an Enedis technician should travel to your home. In order to make an appointment, contact your electricity supplier.

A noter

À noter

If you are absent during the appointment for commissioning or if you have not asked for the appointment to be cancelled or postponed 2 working days before the planned date, Enedis will bill your supplier for expenses as per the Enedis catalogue of services.


Enedis bills your electricity supplier for commissioning your installation, as per the catalogue of services.