Smart Grid Vendée

A project to experiment the energy optimisation at regional level


Number of sites concerned:

  • 100 tertiary buildings and 10,000 public lighting distributed over 6 primary substations and 2,700 secondary substations


Renewable energy sites:

  • 6 wind farms (50 MW), 36 rooftop photovoltaic sites (2 MW) and 1 planned ground-based photovoltaic site (1 MW)


Total budget:

  • €27.7 million, including €16.9 million funded by Enedis


“Smart Grid Vendée” project aims to experiment with, at the level of the Vendée department, new solutions for controlling and modernizing the distribution of electricity. This project is particularly relevant with the process of energy transition engaged in France. Over a period of 5 years, this veritable «open-air laboratory» involves more than 150 local authorities, industrialists, start-ups, researchers, engineers and teachers, with a view to testing new solutions to pave the way for the power grid of tomorrow.


  • Demand management / peak shaving
  • Installation of innovative equipment (observation, control)
  • Power demand and generation forecasting models and tools
  • Advanced functions for managing the grid (status estimation, voltage regulation, self-healing, demand / production balance, active management of distributed resources...)
  • Electricity storage solutions (batteries, electric vehicle)


Key stages