A project to experiment the contribution of smart grids to manage the electricity demand and to secure the power supply


Number of customers concerned:

  • 1,000 residential customers


Total budget:

  • €13.3 million, including €5.3 million funded by Enedis


Since february 2015, Enedis is coordinating the smart grid SOLENN project (SOlidarity ENergy iNnovation) in the cities of Lorient and Ploemeur. SOLENN aims at mobilising local authorities and consumers in order to answer to two challenges of the Breton Electrical Pact: energy demand management and power supply security.


  • Information provided to customers
  • Installation of innovative equipment (observation, control)
  • Big data management
  • Advanced functions for managing the grid (status estimation, voltage regulation, self-healing, demand / production balance, active management of distributed resources...)
  • Communication systems and protocols


Key stages