A project experiment with distributed PV growth in a rural zone based on smart meters


Number of customers concerned:

  • 200 customers


Total budget:

  • 850,000 €:
    • 500,000€ financed by Enedis
    • 350,000€ financed by European Union with FEDER grant managed by Région Rhône-Alpes


SMAP is the first rural smart grid demonstration project giving support and continuity for the PV citizens collective initiative named “Centrales villageoises”. These small PV plants managed by inhabitants, public
representative and private companies are connected to the low voltage grid participating in the Energetic Transition.


  • Information provided to customers
  • Gestion of ev charging station
  • Big data management
  • Advanced functions for managing the grid (status estimation, voltage regulation, self-healing, demand / production balance, active management of distributed resources...)
  • Electricity storage solutions (batteries, electric vehicle)