SMILE – Western France

What is the ambition of SMILE?

SMILE (SMart Ideas to Link Energies) is a regional project launched by the Régions Bretagne and Pays de la Loire. It is meant to deploy a large-scale smart grids from 2017 to 2020 in four districts (Loire-Atlantique, Vendée, Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine) and few islands (Ouessant, Sein et Molène).


More than 300 projects linked to renewables on the territory of SMILE



"SMILE is the first large-scale smart grids deployment in France, in order to ensure a renewable, economic and secured supply for electricity.  The challenge is to make a real smart grids show-case in our territory to expose french know-hows in smart grids", said Bruno Retailleau, former president of the région Pays de la Loire.

What do we do in SMILE?

We invest 21 millions of euros in SMILE to boost renewables integration into the grid:

  • We modernize 34 primary substations on SMILE territory to enable a more dynamic management of the electric grid.
  • We also modernize our 2 regional dispatching centres: these "control towers" allow optimization of electricity distribution thanks to forecasting tools for consumption and production. They will help to tackle intermittent production challenges.

Smart solutions are deployed on the entire distribution grid:


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This deployment covers the entire SMILE territory to support projects for energy transition:

SMILE gathers many actors. In december 2016, an association was created to federate more than 170 members : start-ups, energy and numeric companies, local communities,  local energy unions, distribution system operators, …  The association supports companies and territories in their smart grids projects.