Company profile

Enedis manages the public electricity distribution network for 95% of continental France. Every day, its 38 700 employees oversee the operation, maintenance and development of a nearly 1.4 million km network.

Public services duties

Enedis manages 95% of the electricity distribution network in continental France. This network belongs to local authorities (French municipalities or groups of municipalities), who subcontract to Enedis as an operator through a public service delegation. Enedis thus has 2 major public service duties.

Enedis, in the heart of the open electricity

Enedis contributes to the smooth operation of the electricity market by pursuing a twofold objective of quality and neutrality.

  • The quality of Enedis’s electricity supply is among the highest in Europe. To preserve this level of service, Enedis maintains and develops the network. The company also innovates to meet the needs of customers, electricity producers and electricity suppliers, particularly in the areas of information systems and metering.

  • Enedis contributes to the smooth operation of the open electricity market by guaranteeing non-discrimination against other parties in the network.


2018 key figures
  • 36 million customers
  • 38 691 employees
  • €14 billion in revenue
  • 1.366 million km of electrical network managed