A project experiment with a PLC communication chain to control the distribution network


Total budget:

  • €27 million, including €1,4 million funded by Enedis


SOGRID is an industrial project led by Enedis and STMicroelectronics in a consortium of 10 partners in Toulouse, officially launched on 11 April 2013. The project will mobilise over a hundred stakeholders, researchers and industrialists up to the end of 2015.


  • Installation of innovative equipment (observation, control)
  • Advanced functions for managing the grid (status estimation, voltage regulation, self-healing, demand / production balance, active management of distributed resources...)
  • Communication systems and protocols


Key stages

G3-PLC communication

  • Good potential of the G3-PLC communication technology performances, from LV meters to HV/MV substations in urban area (flows, latencies, robustness)
  • Implementation of existing operational functions (remotely controlled device, data collection, etc) with extended capacities through a secured G3-PLC chain
    PLC communication system
  • Communication enabled in rural area all along the network but with a limited bandwidth

LV real time network state estimator

  • LV network state update every 10 minutes that can be set to 5 minutes
  • Estimating calculation algorithms needing a large range of measures and the optimization of the selected points and of the model choice of the electrical system
  • Realization of the voltage profile of the LV cluster (mean error of the measures < 1%) and of the corresponding MV/LV transformer load (power measures)
Real time LV network control service