How to take part in the co-building of DSO local flexibility?

You are a market stakeholder, an aggregator, a firm and you would like to take part in the co-building of DSO local flexibility in order to provide a service to Enedis’ distribution network?
Je souhaite participer à la co-construction de « flexibilités locales »
Due to integration of renewable energy into the distribution grid and to new consumption patterns, Enedis uses new levers to optimize distribution network planning and operation in addition to traditional levers . It is also an opportunity for Enedis to increase its role as a market facilitator.

What is a Flexibility?

A flexibility is a modulation of one’s consumption or generation pattern (either upward or downward) during a defined time period and in response to an external signal, in order to provide a service to the power system, for instance to solve a grid’s constraint. The service might be in terms of active as well as reactive power.

Enedis uses flexibility services as a new lever to optimize its distribution grid in addition to traditional levers. Due to the specificity of the constraints on the distribution grid, located in limited geographical areas, flexibility location is crucial for it to be of use to the DSO, making it a “local” flexibility.

Enedis launches a new call for tenders on 11 local areas

The call for tenders is open from March 13th, 2023 and responses must be sent to before May 9th, 2023 6pm.

You can find the areas at


Reflex aims at integrating flexibility services in the planning methods used to connect new Renewable Energy Sources to Enedis’ network. It could save up to 250 M€ in 2035.

The Project will be implemented in the Landes and Picardie.

In these two areas, if you are connected or plan to connect an asset to the distribution grid, you can participate to the requests for interest published by Enedis on (in French).

Market-based procurement of flexibility services

Enedis published reports that detail the market based procurement of local flexibility services to optimize distribution network planning and operation:

  1. To detail Enedis use cases for flexibility services - Flexibilities to enhance the Energy Transition and the performance of the Distribution Network (PDF - 5,22 Mo)
  2. To detail how Enedis will embed flexibility services in its network planning methods - Roadmap for the transformation of network planning methods and the integration of flexibilities (PDF - 3,47 Mo)

Call for tenders

You can find here the local areas where Enedis launched call for tenders : (in French).

Enedis launched call for tenders on 3 local areas in March 2022: